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Where Your Success Is All Our Success! 

Co·Found  |  \ ˌkō-ˈfau̇nd (verb.)

To join or help one or more others in founding (something, such as an organization or institution) : to found (something) jointly.

Our vision from day one has always come down to You! 

To help bring You more value on your Founder & Creator journey's, And to usher in the most inviting environment of opportunity for Early Stage Founders to meet, learn, connect, network, share and Co-Found. It is truly an honor to have created such an amazing community of brilliant Founders and Creators 9 years ago, 53 successful events together, And more than 15,000+ Members to date; Becoming the #1 Startup Networking Community & Co-Founding events in Berlin and around the World!

IT'S BEEN PROVEN that the 5 KEY reasons for Startup failure is the lack of effective and quality INFORMATION, ACCESS, RESOURCES, FUNDING and a DYNAMIC Co-Founding TEAM.

The hardest part in the beginning when you finally decide to invest in yourself, take the leap, and start your ventures is the lack of direction; Simply not knowing where to start and who to trust with your brilliant ideas, Your products & inventions, Your knowledge & insight, And your unique selling point. 


After more than 9 years since founding The Co-Found Community, we’ve gathered a trusted and vetted list of the best and brightest Companies and Experts that are passionate about helping you on your journey to accelerate your ventures even faster BY COMMITTING TO: 

1. ANSWERING your most valuable questions, and sharing their knowledge, insights and expertise from their prospective industries and personal experiences.

2. GRANTING you access to their precious time, communities, And making key introductions & recommendations. 

3. INTRODUCING you to valuable tools and resources you just can’t get anywhere else to help scale your progress and venture. 

4. OFFERING their products & services at an early ‘STARTUP FRIENDLY RATE’ to build a lasting business relationship with you that will grow over time. 

They all understand just what it feels like to experience the challenges of being a Founder on the rise, And are excited to meeting you, Answering your questions, And helping Co-Found your ventures with you. 

WE HAVE A MISSION to be Largest and most organic Early Stage Co-Founding Community, Events & Platform of opportunity to help Accelerate you to success, And empower You to seamlessly Connect, Learn from each other & our Experts, Network with purpose, Share your experiences & stories, And Co-Found the next great thing! We are the 0 to 1 Go-To Community and Starting Point for You all to meet with Startups, Co-Founders, Creators, Mentors, Collaborators, And Investors of all kinds that spark your interest – For You to form the next great team to go down in Startup History.

WELCOME ALL Creators, Founders, Co-Founders, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Corporate & Business people, Investors, Freelancers, Marketers, Influencers, Consultants, Philanthropist, Inventors, Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, Hackers, Developers, Artist, Designers, Creatives, CX / UX / UI Designers, Copywriters, Students, and most importantly Start-ups of all shapes, sizes and stages.

 Created For You, By You! 

Now You have the power to create, experience, and design Your Community the way you like:

START: By creating your profile to let us know who you are and why you're here!

NEXT: CHOOSE A PLAN & JOIN our Exclusive CO-FOUND COMMUNITY where you can unlock so many features, Join engaging groups, And go even deeper with your community. You Can Also promote your business, promote yourself, and promote your projects; And directly connect with, direct message, and follow all our members in one place.  

THEN: For Startups & Co-Founders, Share either an Intro Text or a 60 Second Intro Pitch Videos of what you're looking for from your community!

LASTLY: Get the conversation started and JUST ASK. Follow Interesting Topics, Share what's on your mind, Post all your content and engagement tools with your community, Promote your ventures; And most importantly, Have Fun!    





  • PITCH YOUR STARTUP In Front Of Our Crowd For 60 Seconds.
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  • PITCH YOUR STARTUP In Front Of Our Crowd For 60 Seconds.
  • ACCESS To Our Co-Found Event With Express Check-In & All Food & Drinks Included.
  • Your very own Creative Marketing approach at our event.
  • Distribution of your Press & Marketing material during and after the event both, offline and online.
  • An e-mail blast sent to our community on our behalf.
  • FREE Membership To Our Co-Found Community Platform Membership.


  • SAVE 15% 
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  • AND So Much More...


  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS To Sponsor ALL Our Co-Found Events. With Express Check-In & All Food & Drinks Included.
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  • AND So Much More...


We Look Forward To Seeing You All Very Soon! 

- Michael 

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